Easy Raw Dog Food

Easy Raw Dog Food find out how to

Meaty goodness! Discover our favourite, easy raw dog food recipe right here.

This is our go to recipe for when the dogs need something quick, easy and nutritious. Make sure you go to our recipe builder to make sure you tailor it for your pooch.

Remember, raw dog food recipes are made for adult dogs. Puppies require a special diet and, as always, consult your vet on your raw food plans to be on the safe side.

This should take around ten minutes to put together.

Cuisine: Dog food

Prep Time: 10M

Cook time: 0M

Yield: 2 x servings


- 400g beef heart - 2 eggs - 1 cup of oats - 1 x medium carrot - 1 tbsp coconut butter - 1 x 420g can of chickpeas - 1 x cup of spinach


  • - Loosely chop beef heart, carrot and spinach
  • - Combine in a bowl with oats, coconut butter and chickpeas
  • - Crack egg and add to bowl
  • - Thoroughly mix then serve

Make sure you go to our recipe builder to make sure you tailor it for your pooch.

We find that this easy raw dog food recipe keeps perfectly in the fridge for a couple of days. We store the recipe in an airtight container, giving the contents a good shake with the lid on before serving to our dogs.

This recipe is one of the original recipes that trialled when making the move to a raw diet and they loved it. This tends to be one we will make whilst holidaying as its easy to find the ingredients in most supermarkets.

We will sometimes replace the coconut butter with peanut butter or fish oil. All three work pretty well. You could replace the butter with a tin of sardines to get an even tastier oil in there.

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