We began making homemade dog food after investigating my dog’s skin issues. One of the aspects we uncovered was the disappointing amount of nutritionally-poor foods they’re made from, even from reputable brands. Additives, mechanically reclaimed meat all bulked out with white pasta or rice. Both of our dogs now devour a homemade, raw diet. And this wee site is to help anyone else who believes their woof-factory could use a better diet. This site contains homemade dog food recipes, recommended for adult dogs only.


Big thanks to /r/rawfood for the initial feedback.

This this is in beta and the calculations and figures are going through rigorous testing. Please verify your recipe with your vet before feeding to your pet.

Why homemade

It’s all about control. Using this site for diy dog food will help you control what goes into your dog’s diet. That’s helping avoid additives and avoid meat you would never go near.

But most importantly making a homemade dog food recipe which is right for your pup. By monitoring their energy levels, stools and coat, you can adjust their diy dog food accordingly until you get something which makes your pup tip-top. Just like humans, they need a diet which is composed of healthy veg, proteins and fats.

Why raw

We spoke with four local dog trainers who suggested that we try one of their raw dog food recipes. The satisfaction they gained from the chewing was worth it. However, it’s not for every dog and, only if your vet approves, you can slowly introduce it.

There’s no reasonable research to back raw food up either way. If you feel more comfortable, the meats can be cooked before serving to your pup.

Why raw

About your dog

raw dog food recipes
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Est. daily calories

What do they like

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Serve it up & a word on supplements

We recommend mixing all prepared ingredients together, giving it all a good shake inside a container. Store in fridge, once cooled. The Animal Wellness Magazine noted that the nutritional content of food can be influenced by how it was grown, stored and other aspects. As a result, they recommend providing supplements for your dog to make sure they are receiving all the nutrients they need.
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